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Let the food do the talking!

Sizzle started with the curiosity and love for food, the culture behind it, and the stories of the chefs. Our vision is to connect people through the perfect vehicle of food. 

Often when you check the food delivery apps, you might have wondered - It can’t just be all pizzas, burgers, and the usual cohort, right? You wonder right. The world of food is diverse with gems like Sisig, Matapa, or Curry Tofu in every cuisine. We created Sizzle to bring this diversity to the forefront. 

We did not need to go check quaint recipe books to bring you the food. We simply went in search of passionate individuals who come from the cuisines and want to share their food, their identity. And now, we connect you to them. 


Our Story

Meet The Team


Jessica Chow


Nabeel Nazeer


Vincent Wong

Food is more than tasty and exciting dishes!

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