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Become a exclusive Sizzle chef

What We Offer?

Sizzle connects talented cooks with local customers.

We believe in providing the chefs in our community — individuals who have always dreamt of building their own food business — the opportunity to make a meaningful income by doing what they love! We also believe that every person should have access to a wholesome, homemade meal at an affordable price. Building a community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity — that’s why we started Sizzle.


Registered commercial kitchens or pop up restaurants, we have it all

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Sell your food and recipes in the sizzle community


Make amazing digital content with us and monetize it.


Need help with  administration or business/ development? We have you covered. 

What you can do being a Sizzle chef?

Cooking Classes, Private Dinners
Ready Made Meals
Share your own recipe

How this works?

Let us try

Send us the menu with your most delicious food and/or beverage creations that you think people would pay money for. Drop off at least 3 of your dishes so that we can sample and taste the dishes to see if they pass our quality standards .


Sizzle will contact you within 1 week to inform you if we think it can be sold in our platform. Sizzle will provide a guide on what type of dishes work best and how to present them.


If approved - Sizzle adds you to the list of chefs and you can start cooking! Either you cook at your nearest Sizzle Kitchen or Sizzle provides you with all the packaging you need and picks it up from your registered kitchen. 


Lean back and follow your sales in your account. We take care of marketing you and your brand and making sure you get the best visibility.

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  • How many days a week can I cook?
    If your food is popular amongst our customers, this could be a daily thing!
  • How does delivery work?
    There are two options, either we deliver for you for a minimal amount to cover our delivery fees, or you handle the delivery on your own.
  • What is cooking on Sizzle really like?
    Cooking on Sizzle is easy. You send over your menu, we repackage, market, and sell it to our trusted customers. We’ll notify you of all the orders in an easy-to-read list. You come to our professional kitchen (if you do not have a registered kitchen), you finish the dish, you safely cool your dishes and prepare them for delivery. Once your customers receive their food, you’ll get the chance to hear how much they enjoyed it.
  • Who are Sizzle's customers?
    Sizzle's customers represent a wide cross-section of people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. Similarly to many of our chefs, many customers are immigrants and expats who use Sizzle to enjoy comfort food from their home countries. Customers also tend to be adventurous and love to try new cuisines and dishes. They are typically planners who incorporate Sizzle meals into their weekly routines, enjoying homemade dishes throughout the week with their families and loved ones. Just as we do with all our chefs, we welcome every customer into the Sizzle community with open arms.
  • How do I get paid?
    The payment is based on how the gig is set up. We can employ you per hour, or the best financial option for you is to actually send us an invoice.
  • Once I start cooking on Sizzle, can I take a break from cooking?
    Yes, of course! Your availability is solely up to you and you only. If you'd like to take a break, that's completely fine. We'll be here to support you whenever you're ready to come back!
  • What is Sizzle?
    Sizzle is a community-based platform that enables cooks to sell homemade food to their neighbors. Over the last years, we've helped Stockholms homechefs sell over 10 000 dishes and feed thousands of people in Stockholm. If you're interested in learning more about how you can feed your community, please contact us at
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