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Sizzle is a platform for independent food creators, bringing you soul food and stories from all corners of the world. We work especially with female immigrant chefs to create social impact as well as a superior food experience. 

Real food. Real people. 

Exotic dishes you havent tasted before

Generations old recipes

Prepared by people of the cuisine

In our kollectiv kitchens

Buy chilled meals or do-it-yourself meal kits from our chefs and take a trip around the world at home! 

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Hire a chef for your private event or get us to cater to your party.  

Take your guests to an immersive culinary experience and cultural discovery.

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Our Chefs


Our first ever chef, Manar shares her lovely Lebanese cuisine with us


Hailing from the heartland of Chinese civilization Xuefeng embodies Sichuan


From the coasts of Mozambique, Cynthia brings us the tropical shades


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Waala shares with us her Palestinian cuisine.


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Eccentric Elle brings Philippines to Stockholm.


Ester and Viktor

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Ester and Victor bring Peruvian flavours to Sizzle