What is Sizzle?

Welcome to a brand new exciting collaborations between foodora and Sizzle! Sizzle is a startup initiative housing the top most talented ethnic chefs in Stockholm bringing YOU, our customers, authentic home recipes that has been passed down from generations to generations now right at your doorstep, together with foodora!

Our core focus is on to celebrate, support, and create new opportunities for talented homechefs with exciting recipes you never tasted before. Over 80% of our chefs are moms (read: immigrant women) who has had a hard time finding new opportunities in Sweden, but with Sizzle - we made the impossible possible. 

Not only are we creating new opportunities for talented homechefs by providing them all the support they need, we also share access to our industrial kitchen, marketing resources, customer base, and delivery services to name a few! All the chefs has to do is to focus on the food!

As a customer, each order directly supports the cause of diversifying the Stockholm food scene, so head over to foodora and make an order now!

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