Inbound Marketer

Stockholm, Sweden

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About the Role

As an inbound marketer, you will write copy write for our websites, blogs, social media channels, sales and marketing materials like flyers, brochures, letters and even in scripting videos and associated content. 

You will write material that describes what Sizzle is doing in special case studies and reports. You will write about our chefs and their products. You will write about the foodie community and about new local food trends in Stockholm. We know our chefs can cook amazing food, and they have wonderful stories to tell, and you would be helping them tell their story. You will write about the impact we have and are aiming for in Impact reports. You will write about worklife. You will write about the foodtech industry and ongoing trends there together with the rest of the marketing team at Sizzle. Most importantly, you will write about food.


  • You must have an interest in food.

  • You must be a storyteller able to write texts without errors.

  • You must be open to explore your opinions and bold to pen them down.

  • You must be a team player and understand the purpose of each text that you create - be it a short 100 word sales text or a 500 word blog.

  • You must be able to communicate well in Swedish and or English - knowing both languages is a plus.

About the Company

The story of food is the story of mankind. And like our stories, the stories of food and food itself are diverse. Sizzle is an online soul-food platform bringing food and stories from around the globe by connecting customers in urban workspaces and offices to independent food and drink creators (with a focus on people and cuisines from underrepresented communities). We do this through selling chilled, ready-to-eat meals in our fridges at workplaces.

We aim to be a genuine expression of collaboration and the one stop shop of the future for the love of food.

The team comes from around the world and we house safely a gazillion views and ideologies and we welcome more. We need you to be highly motivated, genuinely kind and forthcoming with communication. There is time to develop the rest with us. Let's get sizzling!