Marketing Analyst

Stockholm, Sweden

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About the Role

There is a lot of room to grow at sizzle. Together with the rest of the marketing team, you will conduct a broad range of key research activities like competitor analysis, finding out what opportunities may help enable or threaten our customers, pricing research, customer satisfaction and loyalty research, and add to the existing market analysis. 

The food industry is going through big changes and so is Sizzle. Restaurants and grocery stores are dying and your work will be invaluable in forming the future of the food that will take shape in the vacuum of today’s inadequate last-mile delivery of food.


  • You must have an interest in food.

  • you must have studied marketing on a university level before.

  • You must be fluent in English.

  • You must desire to be part of Sizzle's startup growth journey.

  • You must be able to work at least 25%/week, preferably 50%.

  • You must be able to communicate well in Swedish and or English - knowing both languages is a plus.

About the Company

The story of food is the story of mankind. And like our stories, the stories of food and food itself are diverse. Sizzle is an online soul-food platform bringing food and stories from around the globe by connecting customers in urban workspaces and offices to independent food and drink creators (with a focus on people and cuisines from underrepresented communities). We do this through selling chilled, ready-to-eat meals in our fridges at workplaces.

We aim to be a genuine expression of collaboration and the one stop shop of the future for the love of food.

The team comes from around the world and we house safely a gazillion views and ideologies and we welcome more. We need you to be highly motivated, genuinely kind and forthcoming with communication. There is time to develop the rest with us. Let's get sizzling!