Partner scout Intern

Stockholm, Sweden

Job Type:


About the Role

You will research talented chefs, drink- and snackmakers on social media.
You will eat and sample good food made by hot and new chefs and food and drink microbusinesses.
You will follow and write reports on ongoing trends within the foodie community. You will reach out, set up meetings and sample the chefs and microbusiness food and drink creations.
You will also be responsible for managing ongoing contact with current partner chefs and microbusinesses, making sure that they feel respected while learning about their current projects (and potential opportunities!)


You must have an interest in food. You must be a curious person You must be an empathetic person You must have an open mind when it comes to food You must enjoy social environments and talking to people you don't know

About the Company

The story of food is the story of mankind. Sizzle is an online marketplace and platform bringing food and stories from around the globe by connecting customers in urban workspaces and offices to independent food and drink creators (main focus on people and cuisines from underrepresented communities). We aim to be a genuine expression of collaboration and the one stop shop in terms of food. Let's get sizzling!