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Food Philosophy

We believe that our food means more than just tasty and exciting dishes. We want to help our chefs get their obvious place in the labor market, while at the same time giving them a chance to lift their home country's food culture and let you take part in it. In the culinary world, as in many other areas, many immigrants do not have the opportunity to assert themselves

The food culture on which we base our business idea would not be possible without the genuine food heritage that our chefs contribute. All food is prepared with pure ingredients - no additives or semi-finished products are added. We also place great focus on sustainability and circular economy. Sizzle's goal is to meet the UN's 2030 agenda's sustainability goals in areas primarily for Good Health and Well-being, Equality, Decent Working Conditions, and Sustainable Consumption and Production.

There are some obstacles to establishing oneself in the Swedish food industry. There is a lack of networks, capital, and language can be an obstacle.

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