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What is sizzle?

Sizzle connects talented cooks like you with local customers.

We believe in providing the chefs in our community — individuals who have always dreamt of building their own food business — the opportunity and all the support needed to make a meaningful income by doing what they love! We provide you with all the things required to start or grow your passion for food into a company. We help you create your own brand providing you kitchens for developing your product or selling commercially, the sizzle platform to reach customers, and all our marketing reach to bring your brand to life. We are building a community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity. 


Why join Sizzle?

You get all the support you need to earn an income by sharing your amazing food. We simplify it so you can create and share your food without worry.

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Find a kitchen

Registered commercial kitchens or pop up restaurants, we have it all

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BE on sizzle

Sell your food and recipes in the sizzle community

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create content

Make amazing digital content with us and monetize it.

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Need help with  administration or business/ development? We have you covered. 

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