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Five Reasons to Work as a Home Chef

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The restaurant business model has long lingered within the bounds of its traditional business model, but the rise of home chefs have opened up avenues for rewarding new opportunities. Read on to see why being a home chef is the hottest thing since cbd gummies.

#1 Total Control

As a home chef you are your own boss, and you set the tone for your work. From the sourcing of ingredients to the creative direction of your cuisine, you have the last word.

"Working with Sizzle has been a simultaneously rewarding and versatile experience. I still have the foundation that my 9-5 provides, yet I can experiment and expand upon my culinary career." – Chef Liam

#2 Flexibility and Convenience

Home chefs call the shots and pick their own schedule. You choose your clients and they choose you. No more rushing to fulfill unreasonable orders or scrambling to adhere to inconvenient restaurant schedules preventing precious family time. The kids miss you.

"I came here to support my husband, but Sweden has given me so many platforms to bring out my talents. I hope it continues to do so!" – Chef Ramya

#3 Low Startup Costs

No need to break the bank! With the help of platforms such as sizzle who bring together chefs and customers alike on an easily navigated virtual marketplace, home chefs have low start-up costs that allow you to stay independent while still doing what you love.

#4 Build Your Brand

Dreams of busting out on your own and building something you truly believe in? Turn that dream into a reality by becoming a home chef who can create something they’re proud of.

"I honestly wish my mother was still alive to experience this. She would have loved to share her culture and love of cooking with the world. I think Sizzle will help me in my dream of opening my own dark kitchen and brand, a way in which I can honor her and her memory.”

#5 Make $$

Alas, one can’t ignore the insistent demands of financial realities. By becoming a home chef, you can make a living while still staying true to yourself and your values. Get the best of both worlds.

The Time is Now

Let Sizzle be the solution! Our socially conscious and impact driven collective is a champion of home chefs, focused on spotlighting you and your authentic cuisine. Check out our website for more details!

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