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The Magic of Microbusinesses through Food

Want to see Bezos-like billionaires besiege space to compete in ego-driven pissing contests? Then by all means, keep supporting impersonal corporations. If not, then put your money where your mouth is by taking a look at the micro businesses right under your nose. Keep on reading to see why supporting food micro businesses through Sizzle is the right choice.

#1 Community

The pandemic has revealed that it is more important than ever to support your communities. Local forces have been the catalysts to your growth, and you have the power to return the favor with flavor! Sizzle’s diverse team coming from all walks of life is the family that’s got your back.

"Food and stories bring us all together and enables us to understand and appreciate each other." -Sizzle chef

#2 Personal

We would all like to be thought of as more than numbers and sales figures, but the grim reality is that large corporations could care less about us as individuals. That is simply not the case with micro businesses. On the contrary, each or their clients hold a special place in their hearts, and the personal relationships that develop as a result are both rewarding and emotionally fulfilling.

#3 Better Quality and Selection

Not only are you provided with excellent and personalized care when shopping locally, but quality matters to micro businesses in ways that are overlooked by large corporations. The care and personal thought put into the meals sizzle provides, along with their variety and uniqueness, puts big businesses to shame.

#4 Back the Underdog

Fight the monopolies that control our lives by rooting for the underdogs. See the micro business flourish under your attentions, and sleep soundly knowing that you have contributed to something greater than yourself. Be the champion of the little person.

"The world needs to be more equitable. It needs us to be more kind to each other.”-Sizzle chef

#5 Innovation

Drive innovation and progress by buying locally. Small businesses are infinitely more flexible than large corporations, and they aren’t afraid of change or new developments. Be secure in the knowledge that you are propelling mankind to newer and greater heights with chefs who aren’t afraid to take risks.

Micro is the new macro.

The food landscape is changing fast. We at Sizzle are innovating on the business side with our micro markets at workplaces and we have begun prototyping a new type of meal kit, the ready to eat Experiences. But it is our partner chefs and businesses who ensure that you get to whole new flavours everyday. It’s anything from fermented drinks or CBD-infused foods and drinks to incorporating insect protein in dishes. Or perhaps most importantly, it’s looking at recipes which have stood the test of time when trying to find tasty ways to get people to eat more plant-based foods.

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